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With so many options easily available for your auto needs, Encompass Insurance Solutions is dedicated to making sure you understand your coverage options. Below is a list of optional coverage options that you may need but not know to ask for:

Comprehensive & Collision Coverage:

          Covers your vehicle itself in the event of            an accident.

Gap Coverage:

          Did you just buy a new car? Is the value            of your vehicle lower then the amount              you owe on it? If so Gap Coverage is                for you!

Rental Car Coverage:

         Pays a set dollar amount per day                     towards renting a vehicle to make sure             you can get where you need to go.

Glass Repair Coverage:

         Coverage to replace your cracked or                 broken windshield.


         Car accidents are never fun but the                   towing bill can be scary after the fact.              Towing coverage helps take the struggle          away.

Student Drivers:

         Does your teenager maintain good                   grades? If so there are additional                       discounts that may be available to you!

Seems easy right?  Just a click here and a click there and bam you got auto insurance. It can be that easy.  But are you buying the right coverage?  Are they giving you all your options?  What happens if you crack your windshield?  Who do you call for help or questions?  What if you get sued for being in a car accident?

Here at Encompass we take the time to learn your situation and what you need to protect.  We answer all of your questions and make sure you are comfortable with the coverage we put in force for you.   With the amount of different insurance carriers we work with, we can find the right coverage and the right price for your car insurance needs.  We offer coverage and great rates for your personal cars, farm vehicles, work vehicles, motorcycles, atv's, and snowmobiles.  

  • ​BI = Bodily Injury, refers to the amount of coverage available if you get sued for a car accident.  It will usually have two numbers next to it.  The first one is the limit per person and the second is the limit per accident.
  • PD = Property Damage, refers to the amount of coverage available to fix someone else's property when you damage it with your vehicle.
  • Med Pay = Medical Payments, this is coverage available to you or anyone in your vehicle for medical bills as a result of loss by use of the vehicle.
  • UM/UIM = Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist, this is coverage available to you or anyone in your vehicle when you are involved in an accident that is not your fault and the other party who is at fault has no auto insurance or has too low of limits for your injuries.

You have worked hard to get where you are and you like to play hard too! Does your insurance program cover your fun? We offer a full line insurance coverage to protect you while you are enjoying what you have worked so hard for. Some of the specialty policies we offer include:

  • Snowmobile
  • Jet Skis
  • Boat
  • RV
  • Etc

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Optional Coverages

At Encompass Insurance Solutions we understand that your collectible vehicle is so much more than a collectible. Your collectible is your baby! Whether you have a classic car, collectible boat, classic motorcycle, or collectible tractor we have the insurance program you need. Let us help you design a coverage program that takes care of you like you take care of your collectible! Call today to learn more!

Common Abbreviations and Their Meaning in Regards to Your Auto Insurance 

There is nothing better then the feeling of the open road! At Encompass Insurance Solutions we recognize that not all motorcycles are the same. We strive to provide our customers options in protecting them on the open road. Call today to schedule an insurance review!

Specialty Coverage