One of the greatest concerns of any business owner is their people. A well managed workers compensation program will help to take care of your employees when they get hurt on the job. In additional to providing workers compensation coverage, we work directly with you and your employees to make sure you have a safe work environment. Our risk assessment will identify areas of concern and include recommendations on how to keep your employees safe.

Workers Compensation

Business property is a large, complex section of your insurance program. Business property can include:

  • Buildings
  • Product
  • Inventory
  • Fixtures
  • Tools
  • Machinery 
  • Etc

As part of our commitment to your continued success, we review your property coverage schedules on at least an annual basis. 

Business Liability

Business Income coverage is exactly that! It protects the income you receive from the business when something happens that you can't generate income anymore. For example, when you have a fire in your building you may not be able to continue production until the fire damage is cleaned up. During this time you still have bills to pay. Business Income coverage will help you pay the bills while we work to get you back up and running!

Business Property

Business Income

Commercial Auto

You excel at what you do and are proud of what your business does everyday! At Encompass Insurance Solutions we are proud to partner with you in protecting your business. Our focus and commitment is in making sure you can get back to work doing what you do best as soon as possible. We strive daily to make sure your business is protected the right way. When was the last time you had a partner in protecting your business?

Business Continuation

Is your business a family affair? Are you excited at the idea of the next generation taking over your legacy? How do you plan to continue your business to the next generation? At Encompass Insurance  Solutions we actively work to protect your business today while assisting you in transitioning it to the next generation.

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Commercial Insurance

Commercial Auto coverage works like your personal auto policy but is specifically for your business vehicles and drivers. Commercial Auto can include:

  • Comprehensive
  • Collision
  • Glass Repair
  • Bodily Injury
  • Un-Insured Motorist
  • Under Insured Motorist
  • Company Use of Personal Vehicle
  • Etc

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Business Liability coverage is a vital part of your insurance program. There are many types of liability coverage available depending on your industry. Below are the three most common types:

General Liability:

          Have you ever had a customer slip on              your sidewalk or get hurt in your                        building? General Liability is there to                  help cover general liability claims at                  your location.
Professional Liability:
          Did you make a recommendation? Are            you a contractor? Professional Liability            coverage is there for when your                        customer claims you made a mistake.
Product Liability:

          Do you sell a product? If so, Product                Liability is a must. Protect yourself for              when something goes wrong!

Commercial Umbrella:
          Commercial Umbrella policies are a                  great way to extend your liability                        coverage without breaking the bank.                  Call today to learn how this program                can keep you protected while putting                savings into your checkbook!