With over 35 carriers we are able to assist you with any of your insurance needs. 

  • Special Events Coverage
  • Fireworks Display
  • One of a Kind Property
  • Cyber Liability
  • And SO MUCH MORE!!!

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Don't See What You Need?

Are you a Township, Village, or City in need of a true insurance review and comparison? Does your agent understand today's growing needs of municipality? Do you have questions about your insurance program but never seem to get answer?

At Encompass Insurance Solutions we work to support your municipality by providing the coverage you need, addressing changes quickly, a minimum of an annual review on all policies, attendance at town meetings as needed, and continuous attention to changes that affect your municipality. 

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Municipality Insurance

Specialty Coverages

Every family, business, and farm is different. At Encompass Insurance Solutions we are dedicated to assisting you with all of your insurance needs. In order to meet the needs of our clients we offer additional specialty insurance as needed.

Identity Theft

          Having your identity stolen can be a                  very scary time for anyone. It can                      create a financial disaster if you are                  not ready for it. Call us today about                    how you can protect yourself from the              costs of Identity Theft.
Umbrella Liability Coverage

          While most people think about                          protecting their physical assets with                  insurance, protecting our financial                    assets can sometimes be missed.                  Whether it is your personal, business,              or farm assets that need to be covered,            Encompass Insurance Solutions                      provides a free insurance review to                  help you identify if all of your assets                 are protected. Schedule an appointment           today!
Flood Insurance

          "Mom....Dad, there is water in the                      basement!" If this phrase would keep                you up at night, call today to find out                  more about Flood Insurance!